Student Pages

Individual pages with helps for students

This page contains several different links for information to help you practice.  There are descriptions of practice concepts on the right side.  There is a link to recordings below.  There will be some recordings that are slower to use for practicing and some that are faster so you know how it is supposed to sound.  Choose your book and then your piece.  There is a drop down menu that will have your specific student page for you to click.  That will take you to your individual page where you will find a link for recordings of your duets with me or voice lesson recordings and also the lesson notes for this week.  Parents may use this to help you know what you should be hearing this week.  Students can use it to help you understand the goals for this weeks lesson and practice more effectively.

Playing straight through a piece

Playing straight through a piece over and over cements into place whatever you are doing.  If you are making mistakes, they will become habitual mistakes.  Please make sure you are playing correctly before you start cementing in the habits of each piece. 

This means you need to check the notes and rhythms before you start playing straight through.  Please make SURE you know which notes to play and which finger should be playing, as well as the correct rhythm.  You may want to listen to the piece being played first.  Check in the recordings menu for your piece.


If you try to play a piece fast and it is causing you to make mistakes, SLOW DOWN.  Playing fast with mistakes just cements in the mistakes and means it will take longer to learn correctly.  By slowing down you give yourself a chance to learn the correct notes and rhythms before they become habits.  Make sure you are counting correctly and playing correct notes before you speed up.