A description of the program

The program is really aimed at providing foundational concepts for the eventual study of music.  They are designed for the individual student.  We start each lesson with finger plays designed to build strength and identify and individual movement for each finger.  We sing songs that help the child with rhythmic counting.  Then we have piano time where they are encouraged to learn and play their way through some very basic songs for recognition of black keys and rhythm.  Basically, it's me playing and they add in parts.  They are also learning to look at music and play at certain times.  The songs are really cute.  I would provide recordings to practice with at home.  Then there is a little book lesson.  I provide the books and they have exercises to do at home and some we can do in the lesson.  Sometimes it will be cutting and pasting, etc to do a fun concept like high vs low, fast vs slow.  And last we can play a game or play on some instruments.  I have some cards that are matching how many notes with a number and it's a memory game.  The idea is to keep moving from activity to activity but keep it all music related.  Hopefully, they start to increase their attention span and we spend more time actually playing piano.  The goal is to get to a place where we can start to play out of a book for beginners.  It is a half hour once a week.