Voice Lessons

A description of Voice Lessons



I teach voice with a technical approach.  We will start the lesson with exercises designed to help train the muscles to move in the correct ways.  I am a proponent of bel canto singing.  This is the most relaxed  and beautiful production of sound.  It will not damage the vocal cords, but is capable of creating vocal flexibility and strength without strain.  Some students struggle to match pitches.  This is relatively easy to correct.  The technique will correct problems with matching pitches, yodeling and weakness in the upper range.

I teach mostly Broadway and Classical repertoire.  I generally like to have two songs going at any given time.  We work on the style of the piece, interpretation of the text, and physical presentation.  My goal is to prepare the student for performance through offering wisdom about presentation, and student recitals where the students sing for each other.  The students are very supportive of each other and help each other learn how to perform.  Students who are preparing an audition will be advised on audition procedure, proper music, and preparation.  I am able to edit accompaniment cds to provide a cd for the audition.

My background is in Classical Music.  I am capable of coaching in Italian, French and German, including Art Songs and Opera.

Why Study Voice?
Most people understand that studying piano can take many years.  Many people do not understand that studying voice can also take many years and you can improve your singing voice.  Even my doctor and I had a conversation about the fact that most people think that you are either talented or not.  The fact is that it may take some time to uncover your talent.  For instance, tension will cover up your natural voice.  And you may be doing damage to your voice by singing improperly.  For a look at destructive techniques look at www.voiceteacher.com/damaging.html.   We work on finding your natural voice and making it easier to sing.  With all the online singing lessons now, you may think you don't need a person to train you.  But, you do need someone who can listen to you personally and make corrections.  Please find a teacher!