What you can expect

I usually have "student" recitals once a month and "parent" recitals twice a year with an all studio recital just before Christmas.  All recitals are in my studio.  A student recital is just for students - no parents allowed!  For piano students we will practice recital protocol and how to accept compliments.  If there is enough time we will play a music oriented game and then have snacks.  For voice students we do the exercises together (for what can be learned from each other) and then each student will perform a song they have chosen.  We will talk about what can be done to enhance the performance, both vocally and acting. 

Parent recitals are the traditional recitals. I try to have 8-10 students per recital.  Piano students usually play 4 pieces or fewer if they are long.  Voice students usually sing 2 pieces.  I try to give the parents a choice of two different dates and two different times to make it easier for everyone to attend.  Usually there will be recognition of awards and the opportunity to choose rewards.

The end of the year all studio recital is a party and a time to celebrate the year.  Students may choose their one song or piece and we just enjoy.