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Thoughts on voice lessons

Posted by  admin  Sep 7, 2015

I recently had a few students tell me they didn't think they were gifted in the area of singing.  So, I ask you, do you think singing is something you are born with?  Is it a skill that can be learned? 

Considering the number of ways we get in our own way by being tense or learning bad technique, I think it is definitely something most of us will need to work on.  Yes, there are people who are natural singers.  They make the rest of us think we are not gifted.  But, if the problem you are having is because of a misunderstanding about how to sing, couldn't you learn to let go of that misunderstanding and sing naturally?  What if the problem you are having is brought about by thinking you need to push your voice to be loud?  What if everything you think will make your voice sound better actually gets in the way of your natural voice? 

The problem is none of us can hear ourselves the way people on the outside do.  We are stuck trying to sing to our inner ear and hope that it sounds good.  Often, if we are discouraged by those around us, we think we are just not "gifted".  But, I can tell you from my own experience that learning proper technique will help us all sing in tune and even beautifully.  Unless there is physical damage, you should be able to carry a tune and have a decent range.  We have to learn to release the sound and not bottle it up just to feel like it's loud.  It is a process and does require some time.  Many people try and quit after only a few months.  Some people take longer than others, and it can take several years to really reach your best voice.  It is training the smallest of muscles over time that brings about the change and the best voice.

I have had students who have a decent underlying voice who are so tense and so sure that they cannot sing that they cause a delay in the transformation.  Sometimes they even quit before the transformation can occur.  Your self image is also tied up in this transformation.  Anyone with a terrible self image will struggle with staying positive and often give up.  They will need a lot of support to finish the process.  The thing to remember is that it takes time and honesty and a lot of work.  Even though the principles are easy the application is time intensive!