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Miss Karen

Posted by  admin  May 6, 2016

In Medieval times and even into the Renaissance and Romantic period there were artistic Guilds in Europe.  They tested their apprentices and allowed membership based on their performance.  The Piano Guild in America is an organization based on those principles.  Members who have demonstrated their abilities through performance and education listen to apprentices (students) and allow them to join based on their adherence to the standards of artistry.  Students are allowed to be part of Guild for one year. 

So, when my students go to audition for Piano Guild, they perform for a duly recognized judge who is normally a teacher with the proper credentials.  There are different categories of performance and levels of achievement available.  A student might memorize a ten piece program and be eligible to be a national level member, or not memorize a four piece program and be eligible to be a hobbyist member.  There is a certificate suitable for framing and a pin.  It's always a good experience to play for another discerning individual.

Why should you care?  Because, it is a great encouragement to know that you prepared a program and performed it well.  Your student will want to go on and learn more to do the next program.  Also, since there are requirements to play scales and other musicianship building exercises it will help their preparation for growth.  There's nothing like succeeding to make you want to succeed. 

I'm hoping next year more of my students choose to try it!