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a head start in music, math and life

Looking for sheet music?  Try this link:


Welcome!  This is week 7 (Feb 19th). It would be a great time to start!

Now scheduling! Open times during the day,

 Thursday 7:30; 8:00 Saturday 9:30; 10:00; 10:30

Call for availability in my Highlands Ranch studio:


email: misskarensnotes(at)

One half hour per week is $100 a month ($25/30 minutes)

45 minutes a week is $150 a month

one hour a week is $200 a month

Included in the price:

the music I choose which is part classical, part jazz and popular, theater music for singers (a huge savings!)

student recitals once a month – for students to get performance experience and play games

parent recitals twice a year

recordings and mp3s to help

flexibility in scheduling when you give me sufficient notice

Programs available:

.Wunderkeys – a preschool program for learning piano and musical concepts the fun way! When children play they are learning skills in critical thinking that help not only piano but also attention span, mathematical skills and listening ability

Traditional piano lessons – for older children we learn technique, theory and musicianship while learning beautiful music. Feel free to bring your own music as well!

Vocal training – my bias is toward beautiful singing. First, learn to sound beautiful and sing healthy, no matter what style. I provide theater pieces or classical. You are free to bring in karaokes.

I teach from beginners all the way to advanced, ages 3-75,

A more complete policy list is on the policies page.



Available Times:




Wednesday  day times and before school

Thursday  day times; 7:45 AM

Friday  day times; 7:45 AM

Saturday  9:30AM; 11:30AM; 1:00 PM  


I love music!  I love all it can do for you!  For preschoolers, it is a way to help them learn to listen as opposed to just hearing, it helps them associate positive feelings with self expression, it helps prepare them for both math and sports, and it can give them self control and discipline.  For elementary age children it can be a great way to help them develop healthy emotions and self expression.  It still further develops their brains and coordination, and especially listening skills.  For my more advanced students I want them to develop their own artistry.  Even more listening skills are necessary for creating the beautiful clarity of the Moonlight Sonata, the beautiful colors of a Debussy piece, the "colors of sound" for expressive singing, whether popular or classical, enough theory to perform the kind of music they want to do, whether classical, jazz or popular.   It is my mission to give them tools to create and enjoy music in the future.